Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Coos Bay is the place to be

It has been a awesome week. I really love my new area. The members hear are so outrageously nice! They bake us things and love feeding us and us coming over. One of them even does our laundry! kinda weird but supper nice cuz laundry mats aren't all that cheep. It has been a really interesting week, and it has kinda felt forever long. So i will start talking about some of our investigators here. On Tuesday we picked up a awesome new investigator, her name is Marleen. Last week one of the Senior couples in our zone were in Coos bay and they went to a pancake house, and one of the workers noticed there tags and started talking to them, she talked about how she just got here a month ago and things have been really hard for her, and she is lookingfor help, so they told us to go by the pancake house and see if we could set something up with her. So one morning we went in and talked to her. It was kinda weird walking into a pancake house to contact a referral but she was glad we came and we were able to set something up for tomorrow. She seems super open and we are really exited to teach her. 

And yesterday we also picked up a super solid new investigator his name is Bauden (bow-den) His wife is a member. He plays baseball at a community college here, and they are from st. George. The missionaries in the past have gotten to know him a little bit but he had never been taught, so yesterday we dropped by and we were able to teach him the restoration. It went well, Elder Reed and I are still getting use to each others teaching styles, but it was good and he understood it all. He is very open and he agreed to read from the BOM and pray. We are exited for him. They are a awesome couple. Friday was ZLC so we went down to Eugene, it was really good, we were trained on how we can more use the book of Mormon is finding people and in helping to show people how the gospel can bless their lives, it was good.

Yesterday was stake conference, and all the Oregon stakes watched a broadcast from Salt Lake with Quentin L Cook. He talked about preparing for a mission, and as a part of it he used a story from
missionaries in the Oregon Eugene Mission, and he said that the names were changed. He then told the story of Alex Serrano! but used the name Daniel. it was awesome. Apparently he asked President Young to send him some stories so he could use one. I had send the office a summary of Alex's story, so they must have sent that to Elder Cook. Its crazy to think that he read the story i typed up and he decided to use that one. It was exiting, I kinda felt like in a way Elder Cook was thanking me for my service, it felt good.

This week i have felt a overwhelming amount of gratitude and joy in me having this opportunity to serve a mission. I have been able to really reflect on how much joy this has given me, and how much it has helped me, and more importantly how it has helped others. I am so grateful i can be here in Oregon serving, its weird to think that it will someday come to an end, but luckily i still have lots of time left. I really cant describe in a email what my mission has meant to me, but i can say i will be forever grateful for it. I love you all!

Elder Covey
Fearless via Faith

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