Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

It has been a really good week. First off Pat was baptized. He is such a sweet old man. When Pat decided he wanted to join the church he asked the High Priests what he needed to do in order to join. They told him he needed to be baptized, but he told them he had already been baptized when he was young in a different church, but that he was willing to do it again if thats the way it worked. So he did not go into it thinking it would be a life changing event, but then we meet with him a couple times and taught him some things, so by the time his baptism came he realized why he was getting baptized again and he looked forward to it, but after the baptism he definitely understood why, from the spirit he felt. It was really cool to see how at the start it was kinda a "if thats the way it is then i guess i will do it attitude, to at the end he was crying because of all the differences he knew it made and because of the importance he knew it had. He had a lot of family come down from Washington for the baptism and the confirmation. It was great to meet them, they were all  very nice people.

We taught Stacey again and it went well, and she committed to come to church and we had a ride set up for her and everything, but we called her in the morning and she said she was "sick" so that was kind of a disappointment. We had a really cool experience on Saturday before the baptism With a new investigator Named Chris. Chris is probably in hislate 20's he lives with his girl friend and they just had a baby on Tuesday. He is a really, cool nice guy. About a week ago we went threw all the former investigators in our area book and we prayerfully picked a few to go visit, and see if they would like to be taught again. Ones name was Chris and last week we tried him twice and could not catch him, but in Friday night planning we decided to visit him the next night. Before the baptism we planed on making the baptismal program, but as we left the apartment we realized that we could do that while the font was filling up, we we then had a extra hour that we had not planned for, and we decided to go visit Chris. We went and he was there. He Immediately let us in, and thanked us for coming. 

We got to know him a little and then he started telling us about how right now he is going threw some hard stuff, and that he has been very discouraged and that before we came he completely broke down.  He said he was so happy to see us, cuz he knew this is what he needed, we told him how we knew we were led by the spirit there. We read with him Mosiah 20 which is where Alma and his people are in bondage and they pray and are comforted, the Lord makes the burdens light and then they are delivered. The spirit was really strong. I am very exited to continue to teach him, and hopefully we can get the girlfriend in on it also.

I am really exited for the thanksgiving. We are going to spend most the day at the Schelmens. The Schelmens are this awesome member family, They remind me so much of our family, its pretty crazy. I am really exited, they are great. Well i am about out of time, but i would like to end by expressing the gratitude i have. I am so grateful that i can be serving a mission. I cant in words describe how much it means so to me, how much  i have grown, and how great it has been to see others grow. I am so thankful for the gospel and for the restoration. I have no idea where i would be with out. It blesses me with so much peace and direction. It helps me in ever aspect of life. Most of all i am thankful for Christ and His Atonement slowly but surely the Atonement has become more and more real to me, and i have been able to rely on it more and more. I pray that it will continue because as it has grown I have been able to apply it more to me, and i have been better able to become who God wants me to be.

I love you all, and hope you have a great thanksgiving. Thank you so much for the support you give me. i love you all!

Elder Covey

--Fearless Via Faith

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