Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Story of Alex Serrano

This is the story the Elder Quentin L. Cook told on a broadcast from Salt Lake City. 

Alex had been dating a member (Elisa) she was semi active when they started dating, but about 6 months ago she became fully active, and like two months later Alex asked if he could go to church with her and from then on he has been going every week. Whenever missionaries would ask Elisa if Alex wanted to take the lessons she would say "not now" because she was afraid of pushing him or making him feel uncomfortable. A little over a month ago Elisa's home teacher (Thomas) challenged Alex to take the lessons and he accepted. Throughout all the lessons Alex has been super in-tune with the spirit, every time he would talk about how good he felt when we met and how he wanted to meet more often so he could have that feeling more. He understood every principle really well, and when we taught the commandments he was  so willing to live them. He said that he use to love ice tea, and usually in the summers he would drink like a gallon a day, but when we taught him the word of wisdom he had no concerns,  he just pretty much said that he knows that's what God wants of him and so he will never drink it again, even if he doesn't fully understand it. His baptism was awesome. Elisa gave an awesome talk, on how seeing Alex grow threw this whole experience has re-converted her. The spirit was there super strong. After the baptism We went up to give him a hug, and he was just glowing,  and he said "I have never felt so much peace." His confirmation was great also, and later that night he sent us a text just talking about how he feels so good about everything, and how he feels different.

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