Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I love you all!

So i am needed to go get my hair cut really soon so this will be a short email. First news of business is we are having a baptism on Saturday. Its a 84 year old man named Pat. He has been married to a member for 20 years, and the day before i came here he decided that he knew the church was true and he wanted to be baptized. He has met with missionaries many times, and knows all the stuff so we only had to meet with him a few times, and now he is ready. It has been interested to have a baptism of someone i have only met with a few times, and have not gotten to know very well, but i am very exited for him and his wife. They are a great couple.

We taught Bauden again yesterday, it was good, he is understanding the answers he is receiving but i can tell he is scared about making the changes necessary in his life. I am really exited for him. I will give one quick story before i need to take off. On Wednesday we were trying to contact a potential investigator name Rosey. We knocked on  her door and her sister Stacy came out and said that they are very open people and usually listen to what people had to say, but that they had there own beliefs, it seemed like she was trying to tell us not to come back. But then she started asking us some questions, about things like if we believe you have to go to church to get to heaven, and we answered her questions and were able to teach quite a bit. We ended up teaching her for about 45 minutes, and she enjoyed everything we taught. The spirit was super strong there, and i could definitely tell it was leading Elder Reed and I in what we needed to say. We aremeeting with her on Wednesday and we are really exited. I got to get going. I love you all. The church is true! and the spirit is real, it leads me to do and say things i would not have thought of on my own.

Elder Covey

Fearless via Faith

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