Monday, October 15, 2012

And thus starts the 9 months of rain

It has been an awesome week. I will start by just talking about some investigators and say how they are doing. So i will start out with the disappointing. We have not been able to meet with Blake since our first lesson, and he did not pay his phone bill so its not working. The Sunday of General Conference we went and visited him, we scheduled a appointment for last Tuesday. We went on Tuesday and he was not there so we left a note. We had not heard from him so we went to visit him on Thursday and as we were walking to the house he lives at he was
just leaving, we talked to him for a while and he said that his girlfriend (who's house he lives at) saw the note we left and was mad at him because she is anti religion and she does not want us going to her house. So we scheduled to meet with him the next day at the institute, we told him if he could not come that he had to call us
because we had no way of contacting him. He did not show up, and now we are at a loss of what to do, we cant visit him where he lives and his phone is not working. So for know we are praying he shows up to church or calls us, but besides that we will keep calling and hopefully he will pay his phone bill soon.

]So now for the good stuff. We had a amazing lesson with Zhenhu. He came to conference on Sunday so we scheduled a appointment with him for Tuesday, at first he was kind of hesitant because he is kinda board with us teaching him because we have taught him everything several times, but we promised him that we would teach something new. A few weeks ago i ordered 3 of the Book of Mormon Stories picture books from I ordered them with Zhenhu in mind because he really has a hard time reading from the Book of Mormon and
understanding it. So for our lesson we read with him in the story book about Abinadi and Alma, up to the part will Alma escapes from King Noah into the wilderness. Then we read Mosiah 18 with him. It was awesome, the spirit was super strong and at the end we asked him what he learned from the stories and how he can apply them to his life. He said that he learned that Abinadi cared more about what God thought of him than anyone else. He then said how his priorities have not been right. That he needs to worry more about what God thinks than what his friends or other people think.

I love Zhenhu so much. He is kindest happiest person in the world. He talked about how his friends were surprised that he still goes to church, they thought that he would quite going after a while but he told them, that he believes in God now and he will always keep going to church. We are going to be meeting with him once a week and we will keep teaching from the book of Mormon stories and reading a chapter with him.

Justin is doing awesome. We have a very strong bond and friendship with him. He is a great kid and one i could definitely imagine keeping in touch with for a long time. He is still planning on getting baptized in his home town at thanksgiving break. So now i will talk about Chris. He came to a session of General Conference and we scheduled to meet with him on Tuesday. We went by at  the scheduled time and he was not there so we left a note. We did not hear anything from him so we called and left a message on Thursday, and come Saturday we had heard no response. Elder Kwok and I prayed and decided that we were not going to call or visit for at least a
week, to see if he would reach out to us, to see if it actually meant anything to him. So we were fully expecting not to hear from him, but lo and behold last night during dinner we missed his call and we had a message from him saying that he talked to his uncle and picked a day to be baptized, We were not able to call back last night because by the time we looked at the phone is was to late to call (its a home
phone and he lives with his grandma.) So we are going to call him today once he gets back from School. We were very glad to hear that he had actually called his uncle scheduled a day and then called us to let us know. We still have a long ways to go to make sure that he will keep going to church each week, without having to have someone drag him there, but i really think he can change.

Xingyu, Yuki and Ryne are all pretty much in the same situation as last week. But we picked up a new investigator who came to church Yesterday. Her name is Noa Sui, She is Chinese, she is the next door naighbor to Zhou Zhung. On Wednesday we just decided to knock that door, and then we ended up having a lesson at Zhou Zhung's apartment and she came to church. Hopefully things continue to go well with her. Kimo is doing good, He coming to church and it seems like he is more and more feeling a part of the ward. We went out to the coast for a baptismal interview on Friday, so we decided to do a exchange with the missionaries out there. So after the interview we exchanged and i headed back to Corvallis with Elder Hill who is just came out this transfer. It was a short exchange but it was good. It was the first rainy day of the season (and it has rained
everyday since.) And we were on bike (we share the car now.) The whole experiences reminded me about how much i loving riding bikes in the rain, and i am not kidding. Its the best thing ever, I dont really know why but it makes me so happy. We got completely drenched and it just reminded me of good memories with Elder Jorgensen last winter. So i am actually very glad and exited for the rain. I will probably get sick of it after a few month, but for now i am loving it!

I love you all so much! and just a reminder if any reads this who is newly eligible for a mission, and is wondering if they should go or have decided they will go. Please write me, i would love to hear about it. 

Thanks for your prayers

Love Elder Covey

Fearless via Faith

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