Monday, October 1, 2012

The School year has begun

It has been another amazing week, we have had some incredible stuff happen this week. On Tuesday we went out finding in the morning, we planned to go out finding for two hours. an hour and a half threw it, we had not had any luck, we had finished knocking the apartment complex we had planned to knock and then we just started walking around talking to people. I really wanted to find a new investigator that morning and i was praying and asking the Lord for help, and then i thought to go to a small apartment complex that i tracted one of the first weeks i came here. We went over there and knocked all the doors, and only one opened but as we walked down the stairs to leave a guy was walking up some other stares and we went over and talked to him, he was open and we were able to teach him a little and set up a return appointment.

After that it was time for us to go to back for lunch, so we walked to our bikes and as we were walking back there was a guy sitting in his car working on something. We said Hi to him and he immediately asked if we were Mormons, and where the church was, at first we assumed he was a less active member, but then he told us how he was not yet baptized, but he went to a LDS church in San Diego and he loved it, he said that he had gone to some churches here in Corvallis and did not feel that any of them were right for him. He was definitely golden. We set a appointment with him and taught him the next day, we taught him the restoration, he already knew it and he said he has already prayed about it, and he believes it! We set a baptismal date with him for Oct. 20th. The only not golden thing about him is that he lives with his girl friend, but he seems to have enough desire to be baptized to give that up. His name is Blake, he is a great guy. 

So that was pretty crazy cuz that never happens, and he is the 2nd person to pretty much tell us they want to get baptized  since Elder Kwok has been here, He is just full of faith and we have seen miracles because of it. So as for the other person who told us to be baptized (Justin) he is doing great, He wants to be baptized in his home town Kiezer (one hour north of Corvallis.) He grew up and that ward and was pretty much active for several years. The plan is for him to go up there for thanksgiving break and be baptized. So he is doing awesome.  We had a awesome lesson with Chris this week, he said he just needed to figure out when his uncle can come down and then he can choose a baptismal date. But he did not come to church cuz he was "sick" we hope he really was but we get the feeling he just didn't feel like going. We are really struggling to know what to do with Chris, we teach him and he is great, he believes it all, and he makes commitments, but he is super flaky. He has come to church twice so he can by the rules be baptized, but we are really afraid of baptizing him and then him just flaking out on church each week. So we are going to prepare some lessons about the importance of Church each week, and making the Gospel a big part of our lives. Hopefully it will give him a new sense of commitment. Things have really been going great. For the past two weeks we have found 5 new investigators, which is the standard of excellence. It has been really nice to have more people to teach. We are finding some more Chinese also. The way we teach the Chinese, is we teach them in English, but Elder Kwok will explain somethings in Chinese, and usually before and after the lesson they will talk in Chinese a lot. Its awesome! i love just sitting there watching them talk, it makes me really wish i could speak it. 

On Thursday we had a lesson with three new Chinese investigators at their home, and we brought a Chinese member with us. so in total there were 5 Chinese people and 1 American, it toally felt like i was serving in China. They even gave us hot water to drink (Chinese Thing.)  We had a really great lesson with A Chinese investigator named Yuki last night. She came to church last week, and we met with her right after church (8 days ago.) We
were really exited for the lesson and we planned on teaching her the plan of salvation. We started by asking her how she liked church, and from her responses one thing led to another, and we ended up not teaching about the plan of Salvation at all, we more taught about the Atonement, baptism and authority, and we read 3 Nephi 11 with her. It was exactly what she needed and we gave her a soft baptismal commitment (Commitment, but no date) and i am pretty sure that next time we will be able to set a solid date. It was amazing to see the spirit take over the lesson. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost, on my mission i definitely have learned a lot about relying on the Holy Ghost, it has helped me so much, i have no doubt that it is real. 

So one last story. Yesterday we were hoping for a lot of investigators at church, we thought we would probably have 5. And as the meeting started and  it looked like we just had 2 (Xingyu and Zhenhu) and i thought that Kimo did not come. It made me really sad and i immediately started getting down on my self for not doing more to help get them to church, but then i felt a very strong peaceful feeling and it felt like i did not have a trouble in the world, it was very strong and kinda weird, and then the distinct thought came to my mind "do not
be frustrated with the agency of man." it was as clear as i have ever received revelation before. I also got strong feelings that i don't need to get so down on my self, its good to realize that things i need to improve on, and then to work on them, but i should not always be focusing on my shortcomings. I really felt the Lord telling me that he was happy the work i have done, that i should try to improve, but there is no need to focus on the negative. I really needed to hear that, It has been hard for me to find the happy medium of staying positive, but not being complacent, and i think i ma getting there.

Well i am far out of time, I love you all! Enjoy Conference! I am stoked!

Elder Covey
Fearless via Faith

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