Monday, October 29, 2012

Corvallis Pictures

I got transfer calls on Saturday, and i am leaving to Coos bay, to be a Zone Leader in the Pacific zone (5 companionships up and down the Oregon Coast) I am sad i am leaving but i am also exited for the new assignment, and i am especially exited that it is a very small zone. I leave corvallis at 10 so i just have a little while to send you these pictures. Hopefully i will be able to send a full email in Coos bay

1. Zhou Zhung (Joe Jung)

2. Zhenhu (Jen-who)
3. Chris

4. Alex Serrano (I promise he does not do drugs, its just a acronym
for a band that is why is shirt say D.R.U.G.S)

5. Kimo

6. Yang

7. Justin

8. Xingyu (Shing-you)

Us, the sisters in the ward, and our ward mission leader

Justin Patterson

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