Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The glorious week of mid terms

So this week has been mid terms, which has been kind of rough because when ever its mid terms or finals all our Chinese investigators shun us, but it looks like this week we will be able to meet with them all. So to start of with some bad news, Chris did not get baptized. He sprung the date on us pretty suddenly and we had not taught him the Word of Wisdom yet, but we kinda assumed he would be living it or at least knew about since all his family are members, and many active. And it turned out he did know about it but not that it was a requirement for baptism. He uses Chewing Tobacco. The interesting thing was when we taught him that he kinda said "I'll work on it, but i can still be baptized while i am using it." So we had very gentle explain and teach the principle of being able to be completely clean after baptism, without any addictions that would cause him to break the commandments. I was a little afraid that he would not take it very well, but the spirit was definitely there and it led our conversation and it ended very positively. We are now working with him on quitting, he has a long way to go, but he really wants it, and i have faith that it will happen.

So now that we have all the disappointing stuff out of the way, lets move to the best news ever! Brother and Sister Trimble got sealed in the Temple on Saturday! It is so crazy to think that a year ago Elder McKenzie and I were teaching them, and he got baptized. They sent me a package telling me about the date they set, and in the package they put the treats that they would always give us right before we left. I asked president if i could go to it, but he said i was too far away. But i am so happy for them, I love the Trimbles so much, some of my favorite missionary experiences was going and teaching those sweet 80 year old's. I cant wait to see them again someday. This morning i was looking at a picture i have of them and then a picture i took of the Medford temple, it got me pretty emotional. It is so amazing to think that they are now sealed together for time and all eternity, and i am so grateful that i got to play a small role in that. This work is best, there is nothing more rewarding.

transfers are a week from today, I am not to sure what is going to happen. It is rare for someone to stay in a area for more that 6 months, but it would also make scene that i would stay and finish training Elder Kwok. I really hope i stay, there are so many people here i really love, and another 6 weeks here would be great. I am out of time for today, I love all of you

Elder Covey

Fearless via Faith

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