Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm definitely going to miss Corvallis

So first big news, I got transferred. I was really hoping and expecting to stay in Corvallis, but on Saturday i was told that i was getting transferred to Coos Bay. Coos Bay is on the coast, it is about to two and a half hours away from Eugene. My new companion is Elder Reed and we are the glorified district leaders ( mission lingo for Zone Leaders over a one district Zone) in the Pacific Zone. The pacific Zone has 10 Elders and 2 senior couples. At first i was really bummed. I really wanted to stay in Corvallis cuz some many great things were just around the corner, and i wanted to stay with Elder Kwok. But i do know that this is where i am suppose to be. And i am exited to be in a small Zone, when i was in Corvallis I always envied those in the small zones, cuz know instead of having 5 districts and 36 missionaries we have 1 district and 10 missionaries. So we will be able to focus on each companionship and each area much more, and it will make us more effective and be able to help the zone much better.

Elder Reed is from Layton and he seems like a really cool guy, we came out together but never really knew each other cuz we were in different MTC districts. I think we will get along great, and he told me all about the different people we are teaching hear it sounds like there is a good amount going on and they have seen a lot of miracles lately. My last week in Corvallis was a great one. Sunday was a especially good day. At church was the time i planned on saying goodbye to most of the people i had grown close with. At church was when i said goodbye to Zhenhu, Kimo, Yao, Zhou Zhung and Yang. They all were extremely kind and it really made me happy that i knew them. Right after sacrament meeting Zhenhu asked if he could take a picture with me and him on his phone. I was already planning on getting a picture with each one of them, but it meant a lot to me that Zhenhu would want a picture with me, Zhenhu is the sweetest guy ever he kept saying "Covey I am going to miss you." Yang came to church for the first time since he has been back from China, he has been super busy and we have not really been able to meet since he has been back, but when i told him that i was leaving he agreed on coming. It was great to see him again. Kimo is still doing great. It was hard to say goodbye to him. I gave him one of my ties, he was very grateful, he gave me big huge, told me he was going to miss me and wished me luck. Probably one of the hardest part of going is leaving Justin, but the good thing is, is that he is doing amazing. He comes to all 3 hours of church each weeks, and he goes to all ward events and even institute. As of Sunday he had not told his family about his plan to be baptized at thanksgiving break, and for some reason he was really scared to. I saw him at church, gave him a tie and told him i was leaving, but he said he was planning on coming to break the fast, so we could say goodbye then. We sat bye him at break the fast and he told us that after church he called his family and told them that he was getting baptized during thanksgiving break, his Mom was very glad (I am not quite sure why he had been so hesitant to tell them.) And he asked his uncle to baptize him. And before we left we took some pictures and he gave me a note he typed up after church. The note pretty much made my mission. 

don't remember what i said in past emails about our fist meeting with Justin, but he basically invited us over and told us about some struggles he was having and he tough that maybe we could help. I know that one of the big reasons i was assigned to Corvallis was for Justin. Things really clicked for and we really built a strong friendship. The Lord really blessed me with a strong love and concern for Justin. It was so sweet of him to write me that note, he thanked me for helping me and said a lot of nice things. Reading it was definitely one of those "its so worth it" moments. I got pretty emotional and it reminded me how amazing it is to be a missionary and to get the opportunity to help others come closer to Christ, and you get to see the change in their lives. Later in the night i was able to say goodbye to Xingyu, Chris and Alex. They all could not come to church for various reason but it was great to see them one last time. It was especially great to see Alex, I have not been able to see him much lately cuz he started this crazy schedule where is at work or in school 7 days a week until 8 pm. So it was really great to see him, talked about how exited he is for the crazy scheduled to be over and how much harder life is when he cant go to church on Sundays. He is awesome! I really feel like i gained some life long friends in Corvallis, especially Just, Alex and Kimo. And i told all these people that next fall or winter i will come back up to Corvallis and for a weekend and hang out with them, So i guess i am going to have to back that up! and i definitely look forward to it, they all will be here going to school next year. Elder Kwok is doing amazing, his new companion is great also. It really has been a pleasure being with Elder Kwok, he is amazingly humble and kind, and he has ever necessary skill for being a dynamic missionary. I am going to miss him, and i look forward to seeing him around. Well that's all the time i have for today, I love you guys. Thanks for the prays. The church is true!

Elder Covey

Fearless via Faith

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