Tuesday, October 9, 2012

General Conference Ya!

So first off, 18 year old Elders and 19 year old sisters! I did not see that one coming, but that is super exiting. It will be interesting to see if there is a huge flood of new missionaries come January and February, and maybe will have groups of more sisters than Elders come in. It will be very interesting to see what happens, I think its great and i am very exited. So to anyone who is reading this who is part of the group who just became eligible to go now, I would highly recommend it, a mission will bless yours and others lives more than you can imagine. Pray about it and if you decide to go or have any questions, write me, I'd love to hear about it. Conference was awesome! as always, we had five investigators that made it to at least one session. And Justin came to all 5! he is awesome, he was of those investigators that it is really easy to create a strong bond with, I am very exited for him. 

Not to much new has happened with our investigators this week, most are same as last week. And i am a little short on time today so i cant go threw them all, but they are all doing good. We were able to see them all except Yuki and we are meeting with her on Saturday. They are all doing good. Elder Kwok is still doing great, I am learning tons from him I learned a ton from conference, its amazing what the answers you can receive when you go in with questions. Probably the thing that hit me the most was from President Monson's talk in Priesthood session, and it actually was not what he was talking about, although that was stuff i needed to, but the thing that hit me most was from his example in one of his stories. He talked about going to a small branch where a missionary was branch president, he had a strong spiritual prompting that the branch needed a member to be the branch president. He looked at all the men there and prayed to know which one could be the branch president. 

One stuck out to him, and he interviewed him and called him as branch president all within a matter on minutes. More than anything i want to be that confident that the spirit guides me, that is true fearlessness, and it takes complete trust in the Lord. i know i am far from that, but that is my goal. I think the biggest thing for me is just trusting myself, trusting that the promptings i get are real, and having the courage to act on them. That's all for this week, I love you all.

Elder Covey
Fearless via Faith

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